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yoshida pottery

It can be loving and help them grow up healthy
and have the passion for life.

In the pottery studio of Ashiya

The Former Municipal Housing Miyazukacho 
by ceramic artist Masakazu Yoshida.

Time that warm container produces, And deliver happiness.
Studio / Shop / Workshop


Why do you choose

yoshida pottery?
The reason is here.

online shop

The works are exhibited and sold in the studio, but those who are far away can purchase them at the web shop.

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my philosophy

The work that yoshida pottery produces is the beauty of the first impression. I think that the more you use it, the better you will feel. In the form of the aesthetics cultivated in a historical pottery, We promise to propose a design that will satisfy our customers, Thank you for being in touch with people today, We aim to create a warm society that will vitalize tomorrow.


Comfortable design with texture and light weight to help all user can enjoy their meal gracefully and freely.



black and white

You may feel that it is not interesting, but dare to use two simple colors. First, give My hands the top priority. So shape.

This is the first time I chose.

Shabby chic


next step
Shabby chic colors

What is a important?
It's my job to bring out the protagonist.

Shabby chic Songbirds (green)
Shabby chic amber (brown)
shabby chic galaxy (black iron)



pottery class

trial lesson

Everyone is the first time. Receive advice Certainly the consciousness of making things will change. For potters all over the world and a wide range of generations I have a lot of teaching experience.

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by Train

・JR KOBE Line"Ashiya" 7 minutes southeast from the station.

・Hanshin Main Line "Ashiya" 10 minutes east from the station.

    "Uchide" 7 minutes west from the station.


By Car

・Route 2 "Kamimiyagawa-cho west" South at the intersection, southeast corner of the first traffic light.

・Route 43 "in front of Ashiya Highschool" Go to the north at the intersection, pass over the Hanshin Main Line,

and the signal southeast corner next to the Miyazuka Park crossing.

・Hanshin Highway Route 3 Kobe Line

(from Kobe)「Fukae Exit」

(from Osaka)「Ashiya Exit」

※Please use the nearby coin parking for the parking space.


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