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about yoshida pottery

What I can do because I am a pottery professional

For about 13 and a half years since 2006, I have been engaged in Uji tea pottery asahi.

Asahi Yaki is taught by Daimyo teaman Kobori Enshu, counted as one of the Enshu seven kilns, and has a 400-year history in Uji, a famous tea production area, responding to the voices of tea people and tea makers Has been repeated.


The time when successive potters have accumulated, the weight to press the same “Asahi” mark.

Through encounters with many people both in Japan and overseas, I learned how wonderful it is to convey handmade craftsmanship.

Through ceramics, we want to support everything from creating spaces to a family dining table.

about: 当スタジオについて

Masakazu YOSHIDA


<Pottery Artist>

Oct.2019 -:

Began independent production based in the former Miyatsuka-cho house in Ashiya.

based on Ashiya / former Miyazukacho residence, production will start



Born in Kyoto, Japan


- - - - -


<Business Experience>

Apr.2006 - Nov.2019:

Asahi Pottery / Asahi Pottery

Pottery Class Lecturer, Craftsman

・Lecture in Japanese and English to more than 1000 customers a year

・production in the studio

・Software management

Apr.1997 - Mar.2004:

Murata Systems Ltd.

Database Engineer

・Database management and programming experience

 ・Computer skills: Database / Oracle, Cachê, DSM and Programming / C, VB, Java

 ・Web Design and Management

 ・Experience in directing a project team

 ・Work experience in around the Japan and Singapore



Apr.2004 - Mar.2006:

Kyoto College of Traditional Arts / Ceramics, Traditional Arts Super College Of Kyoto

Apr.1996 - Mar.1997:

Marketing and Information, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences



<Licenses and Certifications>


Class II Information Technology Engineer ExaminationSkills 


Fluent in Japanese, English for business

about: 当スタジオについて
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