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partner relationship


The main objective is to satisfy customers.

However, there are times when I try to take that step and notice. That means I can't do anything by myself.

It ’s one of the best things you can do when you meet and help people.

Here is an introduction to those who support yoshida pottery.

お客様の声: お客様の声
芦屋とyoshida potteryとのご縁


Former Miyatsukacho Housing


The apartment built in 1952 with the studio of yoshida pottery was formerly a Ashiya municipal house.

Osaka Bay in the south and lush Rokko Mountains in the north, it is a quiet city surrounded by the colors of the four seasons.

朝日焼とyoshida potteryとのご縁

Asahi Pottery



A potter who has 400 years of history in Uji, Kyoto. I took care of this for 13 and a half years, and learned many things such as manufacturing, as well as attention to detail and culture related to tea.

上手工作所とyoshida potteryとのご縁

Jozu Works

Shelf + desk + chair


A custom-made furniture plant in Toyono-cho, Osaka.

The love of wood and the combination of metal fittings are exquisite, and all the main items for studio work and exhibition are here.


Kusaba Zenbee

Kiln + Rokuro + Kneader


Opened in 2011, the Asahi ware pottery class has been indebted from Minamisenba and the subsequent Amagasaki class.

Click here to bring in kilns and maintain equipment.

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