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Why do you choose yoshida pottery? The reason is here.








Ease of use accompanies beauty, and beauty leads to ease of use.

The word associated with this feeling is "beauty for you".

It is a word proposed by Muneyoshi Yanagi, the founder of the folk art movement, and has the functionality as a tool and the beauty without decoration.

Aim for functional beauty.


With this alone, the stomach does not swell.

However, it cannot be yielded as a creator.

Every time you see it, you will feel the beauty and create happiness.

That is the meaning of handmade containers created by yoshida pottery.



Following sight, touch. Please feel it by touching it.

That smooth feeling.

Pottery is basically covered almost entirely with a glass film called glaze.

This is why we made it possible to add water.

The vessel of yoshida pottery is smooth.

The pleasantness is transmitted to the hand, and the touch of the mouth will give a more comfortable feeling.

It's a comfortable feeling.



Everyone will think that it is better to have a lighter container.

If it is light, the burden on the hand will be light. However, the strength will be weaker.

And it is easy to release heat.

I want to keep warm and cold as much as possible.

For that, a moderate thickness is necessary.

And I dare to question the lightness.

People imagine the weight from the viewpoint of experience.

That is the point.

Aiming slightly lighter than that feeling, the essence is as heavy as possible within that range.

That is my aim.

The sense of weight also leads to treating things carefully. Treat one container carefully.

I want you to feel this too. Such thoughts are put.



An easy-to-use pottery.

This is a definition of a pottery that often appears on dining tables.

Whatever you serve, it looks great and looks delicious.

You can't miss the fact that you can use a dishwasher and microwave.

Naturally here.

When a person who is good at cooking becomes a creator of a container, it will be like this naturally.




You grow the pottery.

The yoshida pottery's bowl contains small cracks in the glass called intrusion.

This is a pattern that occurs due to the difference in the shrinkage rate when both the soil and glaze used shrink during firing.

This intrusion is also famous for works such as celadon porcelain, which was revered in ancient China.

When used, the color penetrates this intrusion, creating a unique landscape.

Even if you use coffee, tea, or Japanese tea, the scenery will change, and if you add vegetables that have a strong color, such as eggplant, the color will change to purple.

We hope you enjoy the scenery created in this way.

If you like pure white and think it's beautiful with bleach, don't choose it.

It ’s not good for your body.



Is it safe?
A container that is hard to break because it is a fragile item? But here about the raw materials. There is no difference that the love of nature is the raw material, but it is also true that since ancient times, lead has been used to improve the color development in order to make the colors look beautiful.
Recently, research on lead-free development has progressed, and results such as showing beautiful color development can be seen.
Although seen from the hand Looking to make is that it does not use as a raw material, really there are no problems.
Regarding this, we asked a specialized institution to investigate and ask for proof.
Will lead and cadmium dissolve when you add sour foods?
yoshida pottery container, from Tajimi City Ceramic Design Institute

Proof of "Not detected"

We have received it on June 1, 2021.

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