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Wikipedia "Former Ashiya Municipal Miyazuka Town Residence"
Monday, June 28, 2021 at 17:28   
Posted by yoshida pottery,
By the author of this web page.


This apartment was built in 1952.

It features a rare outer wall.

The use as a cafe and atelier begins, and this summer second term offer start.

I use it as a studio from October 2019.


​- - - - -

My studio located in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, this is a room of a very rare stone complex built in 1952. Ashiya City began renovating and utilizing this 'former Miyazuka-cho Residence' in the spring of 2019, applying for the second recruitment, and carrying it for hiring.


The stone exterior uses “Nikka-stone” from Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture (used at the Houses of Parliament, the former Komaba Maeda House and the former Koshien Hotel), and is a tasteful building. 

Although it is not a large space, I would like to create a production space, an exhibition, and a space where I can talk a little. 

The surrounding area is a residential area, but there are also fashionable shops such as 'musica tea' that can be said to be the pioneer of Japanese black tea.

And for those who like Japanese sake, it is a quiet and green town near Nadagogo (Nishinomiyago and Uozakigo), Rokkosan, Arima Onsen, etc.

It is 15 minutes from Osaka by train (JR line / Special Rapid), and in the north and south, it is located between JR and Hanshin Ashiya Station. 

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​In addition to various industries such as ceramics, the grand opening was held on December 7, 2019.


studio: 当スタジオについて
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