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[Made-to-order] I want to eat hot and delicious rice. That's it. DONABE POT
  • [Made-to-order] I want to eat hot and delicious rice. That's it. DONABE POT

    Two-, three-, and four-size earthenware pots made by potter's wheel molding.

    Ideal for circulating and steaming steam with a bulging lid.

    By arranging a hole to let out the steam in the upper part of the knob and steam hits the knob,

    Prevents large steam blowouts.


    Since it is an open flame, please be careful not to burn it empty, and use a pot holder.

    The heat retention is very high, and if you add water immediately after use,

    Be careful as it will turn into steam at once and there is a danger of burns.


    the point is

    • delicious cooked rice
    • ready to cook
    • Easy to wash (after use, soak it in water and leave it for a while)
    • affectionate


    very easy to use

    • Leave for 30 minutes after washing rice
    • The amount of water added to the first knuckle of the rice after washing
    • Bring to a boil over medium heat (high heat can cause scorching)
    • When it boils, turn off the heat
    • steam for about 15 minutes


    The glaze is only black with a matte texture.

    Because of the direct fire around the hill, the unglazed clay is a little wider.

    The simple design and matte glaze.

    The unglazed detail on the behind bottom.


    about 2cups for rice | 190mm h x 170mm ø | about 1300g ¥13,200

    about 3cups for rice | 220mm h x 235mm ø | about 2200g ¥18,700

    about 4cups for rice | 250mm h x 300mm ø | about 3000g ¥25,300

    • Notes

      ・Because it is handmade, there may be slight differences in size, color, and weight. Please note.

      ・Every piece is carefully hand made but may slightly vary in color and size from the images and description.

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