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手にスッと収まるこの感触。一度持ってみたら、わかるその良さ。FREE CUP M
  • 手にスッと収まるこの感触。一度持ってみたら、わかるその良さ。FREE CUP M

    Slim free cup by potter's wheel molding.

    An easy-to-use size aiming for a silhouette that fits in one hand.

    You can use it for various drinks.


    The glaze is black and white with a matte texture.

    Only the tatami on the back side is exposed.

    The simple design and matte glaze.

    The unglazed detail on the behind bottom.


    about MAX 330cm3(ml,cc) | 100mm hx 90mm ø | about 180g


    • Notes

      ・Because it is handmade, there may be slight differences in size, color, and weight. Please note.

      ・Every piece is carefully hand made but may slightly vary in color and size from the images and description.

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