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    A long time ago, I didn't know that the earth was round.

    I made it with my thoughts in mind when I went beyond the horizon and fell off the edge of the earth.

    The scenery that looks like a vessel is the earth itself.

    It can be used as a main plate for cooking or for placing cakes etc.

    It is a convenient plate that can be used both front and back.


    The glaze is white with a matte texture. (3,500yen+tax)
    And from the new color sabiiro series, nightingale, amber, and soot. (3,800yen+tax)

    Five colors of the latest color Ainoiro. (4,000yen+tax)

    Please understand that the price varies slightly depending on the raw material of the glaze.

    Only the tatami mat on the back side has a reddish brown atmosphere with a demon board.

    The simple design and matte glaze.

    The unglazed detail on the behind bottom.


    about 22mm h x 215mm ø | 


    The base material is ready.

    We will glaze, fire and ship the items that have been purchased.

    Please note that it will take about 1-2 weeks.

    • Notes

      ・Because it is handmade, there may be slight differences in size, color, and weight. Please note.

      ・Every piece is carefully hand made but may slightly vary in color and size from the images and description.

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