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Please break that container
Please break that pottery

A container that gives you warmth when you hold it in your hand.
That is the pottery vessel.

Soil that can be said to be a blessing of the earth.

We live by eating what is grown there.
The clay is shaped and baked into a vessel that will continue to grow as you use it. The air bubbles in the soil will convey a soft warmth to your hands.
Please feel the warmth.
and grow a lot.
That is the author's idea.

Learn by using it and love it

If mishandled, it will of course break.
But that's why it's so important.
I want them to know the importance of things from an early age.
Please use a lot and break it.

​I'm much happier than being left alone because it's important

​A pottery bowl breaks when dropped. 

And it is heavier than plastic ones.

So why use it?

The warmth of heart that is transmitted to the hand there.

And the beauty I feel with my eyes.

Age does not matter there.

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