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Pottery class

pottery class

If you want to make something by touching clay.

I will help you with that feeling.

We support you regardless of your experience.

Pottery Wheel, hand-rolled wheel

One-day experience and continued use as a pottery class member

Follow various styles.


First of all, please have a tour or trial lesson!


From July 1, 2021, yoshida pottery will suspend trial lessons and recruitment of new students.
This is because the application slots are full.

If it is convenient for you, I am in charge every Wednesday and third Saturday.
" Asahi-yaki pottery class Amagasaki "
・2-3-2 Tsukiji, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture
・Nearest station Hanshin Amagasaki Station or Daimotsu Station 13 minutes on foot
​ ・It is possible to help with pottery with a similar trial lesson or enrollment (free class) with a parking lot.

​Please consider.

24.Jun.2021 Masakazu Yoshida


The experience of pottery is not asked.


I tried a little in a little time like a tourist spot,

However, it is not a classroom that has been fixed by a teacher.


It does n’t just work, but experience and build up is the way to progress,

Not only to make it, but also to use it, it will also accumulate knowledge with attachment.

Pottery experience (1 time use)

Working time is about 90 minutes

Experience fee is 4,400 yen

Depending on the firing timing of the kiln, it will be handed over in about a month.

Please choose the color of the baked product from white or black.

  • electric potter's wheel

With 3 kg of soil, you can bake your favorite one out of the few that you have made.

Many people have an image of pottery, so the experience is also very popular.

Don't worry, we will guide you even if you are a beginner.

If you wish to fire additional items, it is possible to fire multiple items for a firing fee of 1,100 yen per item.

  • Tebineri (hand-cranked potter's wheel)

1 piece of work will be produced by using 1 kg of soil.

Suitable for making tall objects and large dishes.

This is popular with those who have been attending classes for a long time.


It's a business day, but we're basically open except Wednesday and the third Saturday.

The start time is basically 11:00, but if the schedule matches the start time such as 10:00 or 13:00,

Please feel free to contact us.

Pottery class (continued use)

Admission fee 5,000 yen

Working time is about 150 minutes

The fee is 3,300 yen each time.

Firing fee: 300 yen per 100g (rounded up)

You are free to create content.

In order to make a piece, three processes are required: production, finishing, and glazing, so a minimum of three classes are required.

It is also possible to work on the next production after glazing in one lesson.

We will advise you on the best method for your production.

We will ask you if you want to fire after finishing, and we will charge the firing fee according to the weight.

​Please do all the work yourself except firing.
​It is also possible to paint the work.



1. Please come and visit us first

If you want to experience the day, it is OK by hand! !

If you are a member of continuous use, you should prepare your own apron.

Please use a water server for drinks.


2. Fill in necessary information such as your name


3. Samples produced by the instructor


4. After that on your own.

Whatever you challenge, it ’s OK. Trial lessons are also available with a large amount of soil in consideration of practice.


5. A little help on the way! ! The


It is possible to do anything, but we will warmly watch from behind and assist you from time to time.


6. In the case of a pottery electric wheel experience for one day, until 90 minutes or 3 kg of clay is used up.

Please look at the completed work and decide which one to burn.

[This time, works that were not selected will return to the original soft soil. Don't waste it, don't worry.


7. Complete the work by filling in a rough sketch of the work and a carved sign on the back.

It will be delivered in about one month.

If you wish, there will be a separate shipping fee, but it can also be shipped to various locations.

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